How To Cook Takoyaki

Takoyaki Cooking Tips

So you are up for the challenge of making your own Takoyaki! Great, don’t worry it’s very easy to do with our non-stick machines and a little patience.

Heat Control

This is the most important part of cooking Takoyaki. Too much heat and the outside will get burnt, too little and the inside won’t be runny (remember, crunchy on the outside but runny on the inside is what Osaka people will tell you is the right texture!).

To begin with, start the unit on a high heat. You want the pan to get nice and hot. If you hold your hand 10cm above the pan for 3 seconds and it’s too hot, it’s right to go!

After you pour the batter in and finish putting in the ingredients, lower the heat to medium and continue.

Cutting Each Section

To make it easy for yourself to turn the balls over, we highly recommend “tucking in” the sides so that they are not connected to any of the neighbours. See the photo below where 3 columns have been “tucked in” and separated.


The most difficult part of cooking Takoyaki is turning the balls. To achieve this smoothly, the outer shell of the bottom half (the half that’s in the hole) needs to be cooked enough to turn without breaking.

If you turn it too soon, the shell will break and you won’t be able to turn it.

The key here is to be patient! You can use the bamboo picks to gently work around the edges of the hole to help loosen the shell. At the same time, you will be able to see how well cooked the shell is through the gap where you have used the bamboo pick.

After you work the edges gently, if you place a pick each on the left and right sides of the ball and give it a little swivel, a ball which is ready to turn will easily move. Imagine you are holding a steering wheel with both hands and you do a slight left-right movement.