We have a small selection of popular Japanese dishes on our menu to compliment our make your own Takoyaki experience.

Sake List

We have a selection of Sake for you to enjoy. In a nutshell, grade refers to how far the rice grains have been polished. The more they are polished, the more pure the quality of the grain but it also takes more of it to produce the same amount of sake hence they become more expensive.

In order from low grade to high: Junmai -> Tokubetsu Junmai -> Junmai Ginjo -> Junmai Daiginjo

However having said the above, taste is very subjective!

Sake can be served chilled (default) or warm.

AsabirakiIwateJunmai150ml - $18Super dry sake
RihakuShimaneJunmai150ml - $18Pine resin, roasted chestnut, touch of honey & bitter cacao
RanmanAkitaTokubetsu Junmai150ml - $20Aromatic and fruity, medium body sake
Yuki No BoushaAkitaJunmai Ginjo150ml - $25Tones of honeydew, water used from melted snow
Eikun IchiginKyotoJunmai Daiginjo720ml bottle - $350Gold medal award winner 14 years running. Peach and Nashi pear tones